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Since 1997, Eyezone Company started as an optical lens distributor and wholesaler and expanded into a total eyewear product manufacturer and distributor in early 2000. 

Eyezone Company today established a strong reputation as an eyewear specialist in optical frames, sunglasses, sports eyewear products. 

Who we are

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Today, Eyezone Company develop, produce and distribute top quality eyewear products under license agreement for international clients from East Asian, America, and European countries catering to fulfill each clientele’s specific requirements for the local market. 

Eyezone Company directly controls all business cycle maintaining a strongly oriented product development and design to ensure the continual trend and technical innovation in which has always been the best feature of the company. 

Our Story

1990      |

Mr. Kim Gyou Chung managed and operated
Apex Manufacturer, producing licensed eyewear
products such as Fossil, Tommy Hilfigure, Daniel
Hechter, Miss Sixty
, etc. and distributed optical lenses
to worldwide clients.

1997      |

Founded Eyezone Company in Hong Kong to
specialize in creating a productive link between
eyewear product manufacturers and buyers

2000      |

Collaborated with a partner company in Japan and
launched Kanzaki Kenzi eyewear collection.

2003      |

Established on/off line distribution channel with
a partner company in Korea

2007      |

Launched SIMO eyewear to meet competitive price
range products.

2009      |

Established access to US, Japan, Singapore
gaining the local online distribution network.

2013      |

Started ‘Giving Works’, collaborating with Korean local
social welfare facilities, homeless shelters and charity
institutions aiming to provide free prescription
eyeglasses to those in need.